6/29/23 - I have not forgotten about my site!! ^^" I've just been so distracted. I have such a hard time focusing on projects lol. I'm just writing this to let ya'll know i'll open eventually. When it does open it will be a blog & graphics resource site. I will make a whole seperate website though for my layouts.

6/25/23 - Welcome to Blissth! What is a Blissth you ask? It's a song by the indie/pop punk band called Sorority Noise. My name is Ren & I'm the creator of this website. I used to make anime websites and layouts/graphics in the early 2000s (age:9), now here I am old and starting again lol :p

6/18/23 - New splash page! The site is still under construction...but I thought I'd change it up. The previous one was orange and Sailor Moon.